Women of Glass show February 11th for Sunshine Glass Week

Women of Glass show

Zen Glass Studio & Gallery hosts the “Women of Glass” show during artwalk.  Featuring an all female line-up of glass artists.  Also visit all of the glass studios and glass galleries for the 1st annual “Sunshine Glass Week” Glass Trail Artwalk. Part of the Sunshine Glass Week is to showcase the glass community here locally in the studios and gallery spaces, where glass art is created, taught and featured.  But…


Casto ~ Blitzkriega Class & Show w/ Daddy ‘O


Glass artists Blitzkriega and Casto taught a 2 day class 11/17-18 2016. Plus a group Gallery Show “#sculptheavy” Saturday November 19th from 6-10pm. VIP spaces available for the buyers preview at 5pm.  Contact Zen Glass to secure your spot today. We are bringing together glass artists with different sculpting techniques together to create a new body of work for a gallery show at the end. Casto – creates otherworldly creatures…


Tyme Crushing with Cads Show Saturday October 1st.

Tyme class & show at zen glass studio

  Zen Glass Gallery hosts Tyme from Philadelphia for his first solo show “Crushing with Cads” Featuring his signature full color functional foxes and collaborations with Zii, E.F. Norris and Mente to name a few.   Zen Glass Studio brought him in for a 2 day class, some of the pieces created in the class are also available in the gallery or online. Pieces are available on our secure website.  Follow…


Glass Hanging Gardens

Blown glass hanging orchid vase

Space is an issue with some gardens, here at Zen Glass we created an alternative to placing pots around your space, blown glass hanging vases. We make them with openings for cut flowers or cuttings to root, we even make them with drainage holes for orchid’s roots, so they aren’t sitting in water. With a little mono filament and loop over your curtain rod or tree branch, you can hang…